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REEL 2015 Background project image Le Devoir Mobile Application – National Newspaper
«  Since we started working with Cortex, it feels like we have an in-house team of developers, designers and QA staff. They're flexible, communicative and experienced, and they take pride in what they do.  »

Adam Saraceno,

Peak Design

Background project image RTC Nomade Mobile application - Real-time bus schedule Background project image Wuxia Mobile Application – A story driven by voice recognition Background project image Maitre’D Mobile Application – Remote Business Management Background project image Le Monde de Benjo Mobile Application - Augmented Reality for Kids
«  Thank you again for your great work. I would never hesitate to trust again and recommend your team!  »

Dominique Gagné-Belley,


Background project image League
of Toys
Multiplayer Mobile Game
Background project image Sommets du Saint-Laurent Ski Ticketing System Background project image CTAQ Public and Intranet Websites

RTC Nomade

Mobile application - Real-time bus schedule

Real-time Metrobus location at the fingertips of RTC bus network users. Buses and users geolocalisation, Google Map based itinerary calculation and favorite stops and itineraries, all bundled in one time-saving app for bus users. Built with web technologies, the application is now available on iOS and Android phones.

Video tutorial in french only.



Mobile Application – A story driven by voice recognition

Wuxia is a highly innovative interactive story. It allows the user to live an immersive experience combining a printed book with a tablet application.

Analyzing and recognizing words all throughout the reading, the application triggers music and videos in accordance with the progression of the story. Through the application, the tablet turns into drawing board and into a musical instrument, carrying children and adults into the fantastic world of Wuxia.


This project is in collaboration with SAGA.


Maitre D

Mobile Application – Remote Business Management

Maitre'D is a dashboard application that allows real time monitoring of performance indicators and business remote management, all in a proactive fashion.

With this application, you may view operational data in real time; sales, number of customers, cancellations, costs of labor and promotions, all comparable with historical data. The consultation of such data has never been this effective. This makes for greatly facilitated management decisions!


Benjo's World

Mobile Application - Augmented Reality for Kids

Kids love to play with the characters of Benjo; our mobile application now allows them to see them come to life before their eyes!

By pointing the camera of a mobile device at a Benjo poster, it comes to life on the screen, putting the user at the heart of the adventures of Benjo, Cargo, Roger and Rosie.

Other projects

The partnership between Cortex and Benjo does not end with this application: we have also implemented together the interactive showcase for Benjo on St-Joseph street, in addition to contributing to the production of the new transactional site of the thriving business.


League of Toys

Multiplayer Mobile Game

League of Toys is an original Cortex Media production. It is a mixture of the standard arena game amalgamated to the fantastic world of toys, which combines several key elements of strategy to an animated world, where competition is at its peak. To try it is to risk spending one's entire day playing it.


League of Toys is the sequel of our successful mobile game Tank Battle, which as of today still generates 2000 to 3000 downloads per day on the App Store.


Le Devoir

Mobile Application – National Newspaper

Le Devoir application showcases the famous newspaper’s texts, editorials, news and additional medias as photos and videos.

Developed with Web technologies, the tablet application provides a high- level user experience that integrates fluid transitions and friendly animations, now allowing Le Devoir to own a comprehensive and intuitive digital platform and occupy a significant position in the digital information market.


St. Lawrence Summits

Ski Ticketing System

The St.Lawrence Summits ski ticket platform is a major project that gives participating hotels the opportunity to sell lift tickets to their customers, which can be consumed in three ski resorts : Le Massif de Charlevoix, Mont Sainte-Anne and Stoneham.

For this project, we developed the modules to purchase tickets, to consume them at the resorts, as well as an administrative interface containing financial reports. The project, launched in 2014, immediately gained a lot of traction.


The project was created in collaboration with our friends at Oasis Communication-Marketing.


Coopérative des techniciens ambulanciers du Québec

Public and Intranet Websites

Cortex developed the Coopérative des techniciens ambulanciers du Québec (Québec’s ambulance attendants cooperative)’s intranet and extranet websites.

The platform allows both citizens to pay their ambulance fees online, to learn more about the CTAQ’s mission and offered services, to find answers to the most frequently asked questions and much more, and CTAQ’s members to benefit much easier internal communications.

Its new portal quickly became an essential tool to the CTAQ in its mission to ensure the best service possible in a professionally outstanding way.


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Projects that pride us could not be achieved without the trust of our clients.

Here are a few of them.




We create powerful web solutions, focused on the achievement of business objectives.

All of our projects are unique, although they do present constancy in the form of:

  • The use of cutting-edge, pioneering technologies
  • Creativity in our approach
  • Our love for work well done

Our Web expertise includes a wide range of projects:

  • Showcase sites
  • Online business
  • Ticket Sales
  • Microsites
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Browser Games


  • JavaScript icon JavaScript
  • HTML5 icon HTML5
  • CSS3 icon CSS3
  • Ruby icon Ruby
  • TypeScript icon TypeScript
  • Python icon Python
  • Google Analytics icon Google Analytics
  • WordPress icon WordPress
  • Drupal icon Drupal
  • Joomla icon Joomla



We design mobile platforms that connect the virtual to the real world, corporations to people.

Constantly evolving, the mobile world is now a must. Our approach, based on the exploration of emerging technologies combined with the desire to constantly surpass ourselves gives our projects an undeniable edge.

Our mobile projects operate through different types of technologies:

  • Native apps (iOS & Android)
  • Hybrid applications (Cordova / Phonegap)
  • Augmented Reality
  • 3D Animation and Video


  • iOS icon iOS
  • Android icon Android
  • HTML5 icon HTML5
  • Xamarin icon Xamarin
  • Unity 3D icon Unity 3D
  • Cordova/PhoneGap icon Cordova/PhoneGap
  • NFC icon NFC
  • RFID icon RFID
  • Beacons icon Beacons
  • Géolocalisation icon Géolocalisation

Creative Projects


Our technological creativity is unlimited, and we love nothing more than to put it up to the challenge for you.

Our specialty is combining technologies, thinking outside the box and connecting traditionally separated worlds.

So far, our imagination led us on the path of these technologies:

  • Virtual reality (Oculus)
  • Augmented reality (Mobile, Web, Application)
  • Unique experiences (interactive showcases, new wave interactive experiences)


  • Oculus icon Oculus
  • Unity 3D icon Unity 3D
  • Xamarin icon Xamarin
  • Java icon Java
  • C++ icon C++
  • C# icon C#
  • HTML5 icon HTML5
  • Arduino icon Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi icon Raspberry Pi
  • Python icon Python

UX Design

Our design combines performance and aesthetics, two major assets that sets the foundation for a consistent and sustainable project.

The user experience is a major concern for all of our projects. Our focus? Intuitive navigation, ease of access to different content, the harmony of shapes, colors, textures and animations.

Our expertise in UX design includes the various following steps:

  • User search
  • Prototyping
  • Individual interviews
  • User testing in laboratory or remote
  • Heuristic evaluations
  • Arborescence
  • Card sorting
  • Personas
  • Strategies


  • Axure icon
  • Morae icon
  • OmniGraffle icon OmniGraffle