Case study

The case

Surmesur specializes in personalized clothes creation. Millions of possible combinations are what makes each article unique, but this wide range of options complicates the user’s visualisation of his creation. Cortex was hence asked to develop an innovative viewing solution.

The assignment

The objective was to set up, through augmented reality, a tool that would allow viewing the created models in real time and in 3D.

the solution

The project unfolded in two main steps. Because of the enormous material amount, the first step consisted in finding and establishing a low cost, efficient way to create and structure the necessary 3D models for the viewing. Once the solution was set up, the second step was to work on the viewing tool in augmented reality. Its acute environment perception and the possibility to offer a marker-free augmented reality experience made Google’s Tango tablet our leading choice in order to ensure the immersion. By interfacing with Surmesur’s online store, we were able to offer an important added value to the user’s experience, allowing them to admire their creation before even ordering it.