Case study

The case

American storage leader F&M Tool & Plastics, through its Bella Storage Solution branch, wanted a tool to simplify the arduous task of organizing the home.

The assignment

To meet this objective, the Cortex team was brought on to develop a custom mobile application for business-use, intuitive enough to help users better handle daily storage and tracking tasks.

the solution

The Bella Storage Custom business app is available in English, French and Spanish on iOS and Android phones and in a Web version. It allows users to add a Bella Storage Solution box, list objects placed in it (photo or text), and then to note where the box is stored. When the user then needs to find a given object, the application makes it easy to consult the inventory or look for a specific item. And scanning a stored box’s QR will display the box’s content – without ever having to open it! The app’s robust inventory system and tested ergonomics make it a very valuable tool for Bella Storage Solution customers.