Case study

The case

Having developed Wordpress, the most used content management system (CMS) in the world, Automattic enjoys an undisputed reputation. Managing and commercializing numerous open-source solutions profiting a wide range of industries, Automattic wanted to redesign Simple Note, its note-taking software.

The assignment

Cortex was hence approached to take up this challenging task. For the production of the new Simple Note application, the development was to be entirely done in Javascript (React and Redux) through Electron, perfection was not an option, be it regarding the user interfaces or the Javascript code quality, which would be observed by hundreds of developers around the world.

the solution

The application developed in Javascript, now available and used by thousands of users from everywhere, proved to be a pleasant discovery within the industry. A narrow collaboration with Automattic allowed Cortex to witness the accuracy of the Wordpress creators’ renowned practices, the avant-gardism of which represents the future of Javascript development. Electron turned out to be an amazing platform, stable and reliable as can be and working perfectly on various devices with Windows, Linux and others.