Case study

The case

Bain Ultra, one of the greatest high-end bath manufacturer in America, was facing a problem: in spite of several million dollars in sales all around the continent, in addition to seeing its products distributed in hundreds of stores, Bain Ultra had no efficient way to directly reach the ones in charge of representing its products before the clients: the salespeople.

The assignment

Cortex was hired to create a quiz-like application that would allow the hundreds of salespeople from everywhere in America to educate themselves about the brand and Bain Ultra’s products, all the while enjoying a chance to win one of the many prizes offered by the company.

the solution

The native application, distributed via an Entreprise license, was a huge success. In addition to reaching the main objective of creating a communication channel to link the salespeople to the company’s headquarter, Bain Ultra was able to generate an unparalleled enthusiasm towards its brand, which translated into an increase in sales.