Case study

The case

As part of a 110 millions dollars refurbishment and expansion project, Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport’s design department was facing a precise need: the Executive Board and project managers wished to access a tool that would allow them to view the future airport before it was built. They decided to call our virtual reality company to achieve precisely that.

The assignment

Cortex’s mandate was to develop software that would translate Revit and SketchUp files, in a way that would automatically create, via 3D modeling, a virtual reality environment, accessible through the 3D glasses. Our virtual reality team came up with a customized system fulfilling these requirements and allowing the visitor to plunge into the virtual world through a computer executable.

the solution

Via Unity3D and Javascript, Cortex developed a perfectly flexible tool automatically reading and translating Revit and SketchUp files and then creating a versatile executable to be used on any computer. Having caught the eye of the whole industry and countless media, needless to say the project was a hit from the beginning to the end.