Case study

The case

The idea behind it all: Transform the way we honor our loved ones after their passing and revolutionize the transfer of their knowledge and memories to futur generations. It's been said countless times before: History is a way to avoid committing mistakes from the past. There lies the value of UMA. Through the river where lies all the knowledge of any given individual, lies a chance for each of us to learn. 

The assignment

Cortex was called upon by Guy Laliberté's holding company, Lune Rouge, to bring our technological expertise to the UMA Project. The goal was to translate their vision of changing an industry through innovation and once again, technology has shown that there is truly no limit to what it can achieve.

the solution

For starters, we had to build the corporate website of UMA to present their services as well as the company's vision. Afterwards, we created the river aka "the memory Vault". The memory Vault is designed to archive each individuals set of memories. These memories take shape in various types of content (video, voice recordings, images, etc.) and will then be made available to the client's designated knowledge heirs. Then, we built the tool allowing users to purchase customizable artifacts (the tree of life, astral sphere, urns, and much more). Finally, we developed the mobile app, accessible on Android & iOS, that enables users to scan the unique codes placed on the artifacts and triggering the access to the Vault's specific Rivers and the memories attached to it.