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The Quebec Winter Carnaval

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Case study

The case

Québec's Carnaval is more than just a series of winter events: it's an immersive experience that aims to celebrate the joys that come with Quebec's winter season. After revamping their brand to start 2019, the Carnaval needed to adjust their website accordingly in order to give a proper foretaste of the experience attendants were to live.

The assignment

Given the long list of awards collected by Cortex during the last few years, especially in 2019, The Carnaval had no other choice but to go with the cream of the crop. And as any organization investing on a web app in 2019, the flavour of the day (year) was: Responsiveness. In other words, their website had to be adapted for mobile, tablet and desktop. In addition to that, due to the high volume of content found The Carnaval's website, the structure behind the website had to be planned so that users could find answers to their questions easily. Finally, the website had to boast a tremendous visual experience through rich colors and animations.

the solution

To attain the Carnaval's objectives, Cortex had to use 2 of it's most important values: Love & Excellence. By using Ruby on Rails with Rails Admin technology, Cortex succeeded in presenting the magnitude and magical environment that lies within the Carnaval's DNA. With the ambition of creating a next-level experience, able to convey a true feeling of belonging as well as a VIP sensation to its users, Cortex developed an intuitive website geared with slick animations and outstanding aesthetics.